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The WINR Protocol pioneers the transition of e-gaming to web3 by providing smart contract tools, a liquidity engine, and an incentive framework to builders. View their documentation here.

  • Audit Report


    12 Feb 2023


    12 Mar 2023

    Contracts Audited
    RoleBasedAccessControlNot used
    GovernableNot used

    When using this protocol, the main risks you want to look out for are:
    1. Ensuring that the contracts you are interacting with matches the one we audited. This can be done by comparing the addresses with the one present in the contracts page in our audit.
    2. Our audits only cover code-related risks. Users will have to do their own due diligence on other aspects of the protocol such as the reputation of the team, the protocol’s tokenomics, and other aspects of the project that might be relevant.

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    FoundResolvedPartially ResolvedAcknowledged
    (no change made)
    High Severity High0
    Medium Severity Medium11
    Low Severity Low10811
    Information Informational15141

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Exploits, vulnerabilities or errors that will certainly or probabilistically lead towards loss of funds, control, or impairment of the contract and its functions. Issues under this classification are recommended to be fixed with utmost urgency.

Bugs or issues with that may be subject to exploit, though their impact is somewhat limited. Issues under this classification are recommended to be fixed as soon as possible.

Effects are minimal in isolation and do not pose a significant danger to the project or its users. Issues under this classification are recommended to be fixed nonetheless.

Consistency, syntax or style best practices. Generally pose a negligible level of risk, if any.