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Paladin is a leading smart contract auditing company with an essential focus on decentralized finance protocols. We work mainly with EVM-compatible protocols to help increase the security of their contracts.

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20 Jul 2022

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15 Jul 2022

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22 Jun 2022

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07 Jun 2022

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18 May 2022

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13 May 2022

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10 May 2022


Smart Contract Audits

Our team of independent top auditors and white hat hackers are specialists in decentralized finance protocols and are ready to assist you in evaluating your project for safety, functionality, protection, and utility. We provide user-centric audits as well as contract functionality assessments.

Please contact us to get a quote for your unique protocol.

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Paladin was founded as a network of top-rated freelance auditors who specialize in delivering cybersecurity services for blockchain technologies of any scale and reflective of the diverse, decentralized communities they love.

With dozens of years of combined professional experience in smart contract security and efficiency and noted achievements in vulnerability analysis and operating systems, Paladin offers independent and top tier total solutions to all blockchain developers and users.

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